The contents of JCE6 program

The contents of JCE6 each project

GospelP1Gospelfor mature faith on scriptureThis project seeks a deep underestandin of Gospel and reconstruct the assured scriptual faith and the true understanding of Gospel such as current new approaches of evangelistic theological ccircles, including current problems surrounding churches, so that evengelical circles move on together with each other in the era of crisis.
WorldP2Multidimensional societyChurch and Japanese society:how to open the door to each areaIn order to deal with the issue that churches in Japan are isolated among their own communitie, we want to learn from the chuches who is open for their area in a concrete way and present the model under misioloical considaration .
P3NationChurch and Nation:how to be a peace maker on 70 years after the WarHow can we practice peace in Christ in Japan? ・イeviewing our history, we try to seek the theory of Christian peace based on the Scipture so that we may contribute to build up the social comittees in each area and the foundation of the future evangilical mission.
P4EnvironmentConstruction of the sustainable societyOur life styles under mass production, mass consumption and mass wastes in our sociey reach the dead end. They not only had caused several enviromental problems but destroyed the foundatoin of humanity and whole creation. We try to rediscover the true life style based on the Bible and buidling a sustainable society through this, we may contribute to evanelical misson.
P5Natural DisasterThe church who serve people in the midst of disasterThrough the disaster support, how can we as church serve the people in that area? We are able to serve them if we train people who do the works of mercy and build church networks as the body of Chirst to serve.
P6Family and population aginFamily ministryHow can the church face with the family which is changed from time to time.? First of all, focusing on marrage, couples, raising children and care for older people,we try to search how eaxch church deal with these issue and how these apply to evanelical misson in the coummunity.
P7GlobalizationDiaspra mission CooerationDiaspora means people who live outside of their native countries. Oriinally, they are the Jewish people who spreach out the world . Baesd on their history, we seek to the misson cooperation in the global sight.
PosibilityP8BuisinessNext Generation Initiative for Business As MissionMissional Cooperation for Global-minded human resource and Communicative Innovator to promote social transformation and contribution with coexistence and collaboration in multi-cultural symbiotic society for future 2020/2030
P9Church PlantingChurch plantingIn order to reach out all over Japan with Gospel, we seek to establish churches as a body of Christ in whole towns, citiies of Japan. For this, we want to share visionsand thoughts with each other so as to establish churches.
P10Ministry to rural areaThe church who share pains with each otherAfter Great East Japan Earthquake, churhes continue to help people who have broken hearts and each area rebuild together. How can we as Christian use these experience for our furure ministry in Japan?
P11YouthYouth MissionIt is mandate for us to nurture next generation and develop youth ministry by youth within each church, areas, denomination, JEA as a whole Christian circles. Therefore, we need to strengthen the network between church and para-church to work closely together. and to make a good environment so that anyone can participate in it.
P12ChildChildHow and when we Japanese get a chance to hear Gospel and decide to become a Christian. .How many children are threre in each church in Japan? What kind of programs do they proceed? Let's share our thoughtsfor future child ministry together based on our sruvey and research.
GeneralP13Japan mission from 170 to 200We will publish the databook on 170 years Japan mission of Bettellheim in Ryukyu Kindom. Especially we focus on the current 30 years mission so that we can collect materials which anyone want to have in order to preview the next 30 years.
P14mission cooperation and the way to build infrastructure for The theme of JEC5 was mission cooperation in crisis. Curreltly, it is much more necessary for us to strengthen mission cooperation. So we try to make effort to establish effective and permanent infrastructure for mission cooperation.
P15Transformation to faithful church The purpose of building up a church is to build up a church of Christ. How does the church keep away from a wrong heart to seek success in this world and deviation with reagard to sex, money, and pride? We try to make clear what is the key for churches to transform into more faithful and simple and humble one in our Japanese context.

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